Today I woke up feeling worse than I did yesterday. But a few things have happened that brightened my day. Some of Mums friends came, one with her 6wk old son, Theodore. I nursed him for ages and he is just beautiful. He certainly brightened Mum up alot too, arent they just the cutest?


After spending abit of time with him Dad took me for a short walk at Berrinba Wetlands, which was calming and I didn’t get too many great photos but I tried my best. It was just nice to spend time with Dad, really.


Next on the agenda today is restarting Yoga. It’s the first time I’m going by myself so I’m a little apprehensive but excited to be getting back into it. I’m going to aim for a couple of times a week. The leader, Anand, is a really nice, calm influence and runs the classes well.

Another thing I might mention is that I was meant to have a meeting with my case manager today but we put it off until next week. I had a little chat with her via text and decided that I’m going to do what Mum has been thinking, and put the NG tube back down this afternoon. I’ve been trying to keep up with eating but honestly, it’s not going so well and the guilt afterward is tremendous. If I need to do this to keep myself medically stable and out of hospital and with my family, then there’s really no other option. Blah.

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