Iced Americano, please and thank you.

Today was another full day. I don’t know how I’m coping. Having so much support is wonderful and I’m not complaining but I’m really tired. I’m really struggling but I’m trying so hard so it’s difficult not to get upset at yourself for still feeling like you do. I had a couple of good things happen today though.

A) a couple of lifesavers (in the form of iced long blacks!) while driving with dad…


But, more importantly, B) a visit from my cousin and her lovely family including these two gorgeous girls:


We had lots of fun, especially on the beanbag and having sushi for lunch, and feeding our dog, Calvin, lots of treats! (shhh, don’t tell my brother Brad!) I’ll introduce Calvin soon. He’s a big part of our lives and was SO good today with all the visitors. He especially loved the girls.

Right now though, I need some prn because I have to have a fortisip then a rest is needed, my mind is going 100miles an hour and it’s not good thoughts. I need to distract ASAP. Maybe a movie then an early night > tomorrow promises a big day and an early start so I’ve got to TRY to settle earlier than I have been. Sleep isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do at the moment.

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