Beautiful Trauma

Pinks latest album is called Beautiful Trauma. There’s two words that I’ve never put together before. So because that caught my attention I bought it, and I think I could honestly listen to Revenge (feat Eminem) on repeat at the moment. It just stuck in my head, I don’t know what it is about it. The story of how that song came to be amuses me too.

I also bought Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation, which I’m stilll getting used to. It’s a far cry from my favourite Swift album, Red, and even more so from when I started listening to her around the Fearless era. I’ve been to three of her concerts, and she knows how to put on a show. I hope she tours Reputation.

I’m back into the yoga classes with Anand, tomorrow I have one and I can’t wait. It feels really good to stretch and move and meditate a little bit. My life is so hectic at the moment it is a welcome retreat.

We had a lovely family morning tea yesterday. It was good to catch up with everyone. I didn’t take one photo though!

My mind is very all over the shop at the moment. One minute I’m numb and feel like a zombie and the next I’m trying not to cry. Mum says she doesn’t know how to help me. That’s okay, because even I don’t know how to help me. I wish someone would though, because I’m starting to get very very tired and that’s when things get worse.

The whole family went to see the newest Murder on the Orient Express which I thought was wonderful.

Right now I’m watching the last season of Gossip Girl with a coffee, at 03:30AM, because why not?


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