Pod Carnage

A lot has happened since I last posted. I am deteriorating but I’m going to focus on the good things that have happened in the last month or so, not the sad things (like the fact I didn’t get a porg for Christmas.)


1) we went on a family trip, we flew to Canberra for a few days, to check out the little church Mum and Dad were married in, at a place called Hall. We went to mass there and it was pretty special. We did as much as we could fit in while we were there, which was exhausting but fun, and lovely spending time just the five of us.

2) We had a massive family collaboration day where we did some gardening for Mum, planting a succulent garden and painting our fence. Mum had just finished a round of chemo but she managed okay to sit and talk and spend time with everyone, including her parents who came down. Lots of family turned up, it was quite wonderful, and we had a water park kind of set up for the five little ones and a gift exchange afterwards and it was obvious that kids really make Christmas that little bit of an extra special time.

3) Christmas Day was lovely, my cousins Zoey and Sarah, who are down from Emerald with their parents, had their gifts under our tree since they didn’t have one, so they came over early and we got into that. I myself got some lovely, thoughtful gifts and am very lucky. We all went out for lunch at Libertine. That was a challenge, especially the photos afterwards as well, but I managed. Boxing Day we all went Gold Class to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, with Oscar Isaac (a fave actor of mine), and the porgs and foxicles (not sure what they’re really called) and especially Kylo and his high pants!

4) I went to my friends 30th and all my friends were there- it was a night to remember. I left before they headed on to do some more partying in the Valley, but I’d been out for quite awhile and I AM nearly 31, I needed to get home to bed! Kudos to my Dad for staying up late to pick me up from the bus stop and for loving me unconditionally.

5) it was NYE a couple of days ago! And I had made plans, and yes, about a week before I started to have doubts about my ability to uphold those plans, but with a little encouragement from Mum I put on my glitter eyeshadow, braided my hair, and stepped into a small crowd of people I hardly knew! Luckily I knew some. It was my intention to stay for a couple of hours, but I stayed till midnight (and beyond) and was offered a bed and was going to stay but I ended up getting a ride home from some friends and collapsing onto my own bed! What an achievement (but it wasn’t difficult really because I surround myself with such good people.)

6) My cousins who are down stayed over for a sleepover and we got the eurobed out and the coloured popcorn and milos, and introduced them to the classic Wizard of Oz. They were wonderful and enjoyed it and are already asking for another sleepover before they return to Emerald.

That’s about it for my little update. Things are about to get difficult. We have an appointment tomorrow to see how we’re going to go with mums treatment. But I’ve got to remember we have such good support and try not to go to pieces too much. Hopefully my yoga instructor will be back soon and I can immerse myself back in that world. Much love ❤

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