Downtime is important for your health.

Everything these days is go, go, go. This week has been so FULL. Not much home time at all. And while I am not complaining, because I’ve gotten to spend time with Mum and family and friends (and get lots of appointments over and done with), I think it’s important for everyone to acknowledge that you need that time where you can sit down and do whatever you want to do without thinking about all the things you have to do and the places you have to go. Just take the time to watch an episode of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee (yes! it’s finally on Australian Netflix!). Just take the time to read a chapter of your book. Just take the time to update your diary or journal. Just take the time to duck out for that yoga class. Just take the time to give yourself a manicure. These little acts of self care are important for your mental health and I am slowly training myself to spend more time on the little things.

Since we’ve come back from a quick trip to Melbourne (we flew down on my birthday!)I’ve been struggling a lot with my eating disorder and it’s been really hard. Luckily I have been able to keep my fluids up (lots of coconut water and coffee) and the last couple of days we’ve been making chia pudding on almond milk and making cups that have been looking a little something like this:

And of course I get to eat the leftover bluebs. Yum!

I just want to acknowledge how blessed I have been by family and friends for Christmas and my birthday. Really spoiled. I mainly received things that I needed like a new yoga mat and bag, a new computer (which is amazing), but I also got a few books I was after, which I will make another post about because they are amazing and I have to go right now.

We’ve been out to appointments about three times today (including me seeing my case manager, which was stressful but I’m glad for her support) and we’re finally home for the day. We’re about to stop work and sit down for a cup of coffee and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I have binge-watched over the last few weeks.

My yoga instructor was back as of last Monday! I haven’t been able to go even though we bought another 10 passes, because I’ve had a cold! Please send good vibes so I get over this and get back into the studio! x

2 thoughts on “Downtime is important for your health.

  1. Amy

    Hope your feeling better and got to go to Yoga!
    Great reminder to self care. Hard to do sometimes. Right now I just want sleep as my self care! 90mins should do 😉

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