Triple shot

Today has been THE day. I spent until 2pm in bed. I bought new linen @ Adairs yesterday (I highly recommend the Linen Lovers club, if you’re an, ahem, linen lover, like me) and today I had NO appointments, no friends to meet, nothing to get done- so I spent all day in bed, except for when I had to get up to go to my Dad’s birthday dinner this evening. He chose a local place, we got a table next door to the childrens room, I had a subsequent couple of ciders- all was good. It was okay.

I’m going to see a naturopath this weekend. I had to fill in her “before you come and see me” forms today. It got weird. I got freaked out. I gave the job for mum to do. But she knows my bioanalyst guy down at Tweed so I figure she might be able to help me even more (without turning to the evil anti-psychotic drugs I have to deal with at the moment) so what can I lose apart from a couple of hundred of dollars? I jest. I’m privately insured, I hope that helps a bit. But what can it hurt by going?

I’m struggling immensely atm with intake and naturally suicidal thoughts re intake and size and the situation with Mums cancer etc. But my solution atm is more drugs, more drugs, more drugs- because I want to stay out of hospital and with mum while she’s undergoing chemo etc. I would usually be in hospital considering my current symptoms and me being uncooperative etc but myself and my case manager and mental health team are trying really hard to keep me at home. So that’s good.

I haven’t really been anywhere since NY eve, haven’t caught up with my friends or really left the house apart from appts and aforementioned Adairs shopping sprees. Oh, yoga has started again and that’s a twice weekly thing and I seem to benefit from that, so that’s a big thing, starting to leave the house for that again. My yoga teacher is amazing and I love his sessions so that’s a big plus.

Brisbane Comedy Fest, thanks for falling again on my low times. I don’t know if I’ll get to any of your shows, except maybe Damo Power. Though Fedele has started a comedy festival thing @ the SDCC and there’s a few things there, so we shall see. Braschy doing a rock thing? Count me in.

Right now, it’s 20 past eleven and I need to go make another coffee. I’ve been deprived today. Coffee and Curb? Sounds good to me.


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