Caffeine, for goodness sake…

I lost my raindrop ring on a night out at the Sit Down so I’ve finally replaced it, when I bought Mum a maman ring for her birthday. I really appreciate wearing the raindrop ring because like as it says on the description, it represents hope, beginnings and renewal… a reminder of the beauty and natural cycle of life.


So, I’ve finally finished this course of ECT. I was admitted to hospital for the last 5 and I am still in hospital. Despite finishing the course fully for the first time (which I am really proud of… and I would very much like to thank my family and the ECT coordinator Jenny for helping me get through it) I’m still struggling immensely with things and the doctors at the hospital I’m at have put in a couple of referrals to other private programs. Which I hope something comes of because I need to get myself together before the end of October because my brother Brad asked his partner Amy to marry him when they were in Japan recently and she said YES! I’m so excited. More excited than I was to get a coffee from cocobliss on leave today; and that was pretty darn excited haha (I mean caffeine, for goodness sake…)


So at the moment I am dealing with only six hours of leave off the ward with my family each day, having to contend with having a close obs nurse overnight while I have my NG feed, having less prn than I usually do at home- which makes everything all the more difficult- and also missing a lot of the things I usually use to chill out a bit. But it will all be worth it if it does eventually turn out that I do improve and I can step more back into life.

Things I’m looking forward to being able to do:

  • Seeing my friends
  • Getting back into the comedy scene
  • Starting yoga classes again
  • Commencing study
  • Being in regular contact with my friend who lives overseas, Jennifer, again- it’s crazy how much you can miss someone you’ve never met
  • Brad and Amy’s nuptials!

I bought some inspirational temporary tattoos to just keep recovery in mind when I’m having trouble doing so and they’re absolutely brilliant! This is the current one I have on:

I highly recommend the seller Heart and Hands store on Etsy if you’re after some.

today I intend on ordering a Neptune Blanket as I’ve read so much about how beneficial a weighted blanket can be when you’re struggling. When I get it I will let you know how it goes!

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